Why Good Friday 2019 UK Is Bad

In an imaginative and prescient given to me some time in the past a line stretched out into the distance. Along it becomes a massive number of people and that they were thickest inside the middle. Suddenly a brilliant mild like the sun rose from my position and arched up over the road. Where it landed on some distance cease was the phrase EVE in large capital letters. In the center turned into NOON and there a person on a cross stood high above the crowd as they reached closer to him. Where I stood it stated EVENING.

This changed into certainly one of the dozens of visions given to me after I become commissioned to take God off the go. With reminiscence of my reincarnation and passage from one existence to the next, it’s far given to me to recognize that God became by no means on a move. The one people think about as God changed into invented by means of Constantine whilst he hooked up the Roman Catholic Church in 325AD on the Council of Nicaea.

Why Good Friday 2019 UK Is Bad

This is supported by using prophecies inside the Old testimony, consisting of this: “I actually have introduced upon them towards the younger men a spoiler at noonday.” Jeremiah 15:8

My research showed that men had been volunteering to die on crosses at dawn to upward push with the solar and emerge as her buddies. This followed the realization that males are required for procreation and, therefore, fertility. Constantine changed that once he abolished the exercise of the Easter crucifixions and put up the photo of Jesus Christ. That is shown here: Änd he exercised all of the electricity of the first beast… And deceived them… With the aid of the approach of these miracles which he had the strength to do… Pronouncing to them that stay on the earth, that they ought to make a picture to the beast which had the wound via a sword, and did stay.” Revelation thirteen:12-14

The one with the wound with the aid of the sword who lived is Jesus Christ, the photograph placed up by Constantine. His decrees forcing human beings to worship this so-known as Son of God have survived along with that ordering loss of life to everybody who does not comply. “And he had the energy to present life unto the picture of the beast, that the image of the beast must each talk, and cause that as many as might no longer worship the photograph of the beast needs to be killed.” Revelation 13:15

Why Good Friday 2019 UK Is Bad

The Emperor built the Vatican and remained as Pontificate Maximus till his loss of life, That means that he and his successors ‘spoke’ for the photograph till later whilst the primary pope turned into appointed in the seventh CAD and took over the function. Constantine also altered the time of noon (previously sunrise) to mid Good Friday 2019 UK to be able to keep away from warfare with the subculture of Easter crucifixions.

There never became a Jesus Christ and Jerome compiled and partially wrote the New Testament on the quiet of the 4th CAD. These are historical information and he wrote in his letters of adjusting the Old Testament to comply with it.

I talk for you is an explanation of my reincarnation and of ways the Spirit has led me to unravel the work of Constantine and his followers. No Jesus Christ explains how he invented the so-known as Saviour God to idiot the sector that could be a test for the spirit who’s asked to come back away from the religious lies.