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5 ways to fight allergy, simple but effective!

5 ways to fight allergy, simple but effective!

It’s winter and the weather has begun to change. I believe that anyone who is allergy to suffer for sure. So we have to prepare to protect ourselves a bit. If the weather is good like this, it would be a pity to get sick because of allergies. Let’s

3 reasons for weight loss can't lose weight with solutions

3 reasons for weight loss can’t lose weight with solutions

It is a problem for many people who try to lose weight and then it happens. stagnant weight The weight stays in place. Which is considered normal for people who lose weight to meet it. Even if everyone meets it, but when it happens to yourself, it can make

3 How to treat varicose veins You can do it by yourself easily

Varicose veins is a condition where there is a chronic malfunction of the veins This causes the veins to lose their elasticity and the valve that prevents the blood flow back and there is a malfunction. If the blood barrier is malfunctioning, the blood vessels are enlarged. Bulging up

The benefits of "radish-seaweed" side vegetables in "sushi-sashimi"

The benefits of “radish-seaweed” side vegetables in “sushi-sashimi”

Sushi-sashimi. When you go to a Japanese restaurant and order a sashimi menu , you’ll notice that there are a variety of vegetables such as radish for sashimi, chrysanthemum flowers, oba leaves, and various shiso and seaweeds. Let’s get to know the seaweed that is serve with sashimi. Reasons for