Advantages and disadvantages of eyelash extensions

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Before getting to know eyelash extensions know the function of eyelashes first. Our eyelashes play a key role. Protection against dust and sweat from entering the eyes. Therefore, if we have few eyelashes or have eyelashes, it may cause dust to enter the eyes. It easily irritates the eyes. In addition, eyelashes also add beauty to the eyes.

Eyelash extensions are the application of false eyelashes to each real eyelash. or stick one bouquet at a time It will make your eyelashes thicker and longer. which thickness Or the length depends on the style of eyelashes that each person is interested in, whether it be natural style. Or make it full and thick in Sai Fo style. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet



  • Longer, thicker eyelashes prevent dust and dirt from entering the eye better than shorter or thin lashes.
  • Helps to put on makeup easily and save more time.
  • Add dimension to your eyes to look beautiful and sharp. and change the shape of the eyes to look bigger.
  • No need to worry about your eyelashes falling out during the day like with false eyelashes. 


  • After eyelash extensions, it may not feel as natural as it should. If the technician doesn’t do eyelash extensions well May make your eyelashes feel droopy. and disturbing the eyes all the time.
  • If you accidentally rub your eyes or pull your eyelashes hard May cause real eyelashes to fall out.
  • If you choose a store that uses bad products Not up to standard May irritate the eyes.

How to prepare before and after

Before doing

  • Can put on makeup But you should avoid the area around the eyes. without applying eyeshadow Refrain from wearing mascara and applying eyeliner.
  • Eyelash extensions take approximately 1 hour or more. Depends on the model The longer it goes on, the more time it takes. It is recommended to eat and complete personal business before receiving the service.

After doing

  • Avoid contact with water for approximately 6-24 hours, depending on the processing techniques of each location. In some cases, you may not even have to stop getting into the water.
  • You should use a water-based eye remover. Refrain from using oil. This will cause the eyelash glue to deteriorate quickly and cause the eyelashes to fall out.
  • Refrain from rubbing and making strong contact with the eyes. This may cause eyelashes to fall out and irritate the eyes.
  • Use an eyelash brush to clean and keep your lashes organized and tangled.
  • Refrain from curling your eyelashes and applying mascara. Because it will be difficult to wash off, not clean, and cause eyelashes to fall out easily.
  • Avoid using a sauna or using hot water on your face and eyelashes. Because it will cause the glue to deteriorate more quickly.

Eyelash extensions are another way to help solve the problem of thin eyelashes. Many people’s short eyelashes But before choosing eyelash extensions, you should study the information. Including the risks that may occur in detail. Importantly, it is necessary to choose a place to attach eyelashes that meets standards. Because it enhances the beauty that is very close to the eyes. If using items that are not up to standard or unclean equipment May cause irritation or infection in the eyes.